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I highly recommend Miss Nancy's Musikgarten to anyone looking for a fun, bonding, and enriching experience for their children. My 2 daughters and I have been participating in Miss Nancy's Musikgarten for the past couple years and have enjoyed it immensely. Miss Nancy has such a positive disposition and a wonderful way with children, and we have looked forward to our gatherings every week. The Musikgarten classes provide a wonderful opportunity to bond with your child through music and movement. I believe the musical foundation my girls have received through Miss Nancy's Musikgarten have instilled in them a love for music that I'm sure will last throughout their lifetime.


I was very glad that Somoiya and I attended (let's not forget Ms. B) the Musikgarten classes. Although Somoiya sometimes seemed distant and slow to respond, she eventually let me know how much she liked the class. She sometimes out of the clear blue will begin to sing a song especially the one with the bumblebee! Oh yeah, Ms. B still likes Old MacDonald and will randomly sing it when children are present or not.

I think the classes were great for the children to interact with each other even in such a small time frame. Their memories are short but they store information for future use. (smile)

I liked the music tape and instrument and will use them periodically in the near future. Your class left a lasting impression on Somoiya, and she sometimes still asks, "Is it time for music class today?"

My blessings to you and your future classes.


At first glance/listen, Miss Nancy's Musikgarten seems like any other "do the Hokey Pokey with your kid and ten other toddlers" class. It is that, but also much more. As your child sings and dances, Miss Nancy smuggles in rhythm, pitch and musicality lessons. After four years of Musikgarten, my 6 year old somehow knows more music theory than I learned in fifteen years of choir, band and private lessons!