Tuition is due in full on the first day of class unless monthly installment arrangements have been made previously with Miss Nancy.

New families may enroll at any time.

If you miss a class, you may attend a makeup class, either during the same session or at a later time.

A younger sibling (under 12 months old) is allowed to “tag-along” to an older sibling’s class


A $25.00 discount on tuition is given for a younger sibling enrolled in a class


Un-enrolled siblings or friends may accompany you to class with prior permission.

Class Time:

As a parent, your musical focus and participation with your child is vital to the class experience. Come on time to class. (Our "Hello" song is important to the children!) During class, keep conversation to a minimum (even if you are taking the class with friends). And be ready to joyfully sing and dance along!

All children are learning when they are in the room! As long as your child is not distracting or harming others, and not destroying anything in the room, let him/her wander, but do model for him/her the activity in which we are involved. Most children will eventually join in when they see how much fun you are having!

If you must correct your child's behavior, please do so quietly so as not to disturb the class. Your child, as well as others, will appreciate it.

Food, drinks and toys often cause problems rather than provide comfort when they are brought into music class. It is best to leave those things at home.

Snow Days:

Miss Nancy's Musikgarten will be closed due to snow or icy conditions when the local schools are closed (Cincinnati Public Schools for CCAC)